What is Shellbots.ai?

What is Shellbots.ai?

First, where did this idea come from?

Do you know Copernic ?

A late 90s, early 2000s software that allowed you to search the internet by searching hundreds of search engines at the same time, and then applied a score to get the best search results from the list.

Well in 2021, when some AI engines appeared, I had the idea of creating the same kind of system but which consolidates artificial intelligence engines. The system allows to express requests in natural language, to solve problems, to generate code and to compile it automatically, to generate images, etc…

Depending on the queries expressed and the context, the system sends queries to the specific engines for the mentioned context and does an in-depth analysis of the results via operational research and my “hobby” the theory of graphs, and then also applies a score to these so-called results, a bit like Copernic. So much for the basic functions.

But the most interesting thing is that by combining the first part with an internal inference engine, it is able to do much more. In particular, it can automatically develop applications according to a written specification. The AI engineer, specialized by context, integrates the specification(s) into the engine and verifies the results. He can also add knowledge or put in his internal database the possible errors of the different AI engines during the generation. By training it, the system becomes very reliable and the AI engineer has less need to “monitor” it.

We can generate applications but also specialized services. For example, one can generate from Shellbots a dedicated application for a hospital or a clinic which takes care of the data of its patients to generate for example a food menu according to the constraints of the patients, the food stocks as well as the costs.

You can also simply use it as an intranet or a knowledge base to consult your business or personal data to manage your budget or your accounts, for example. It can be fed internally and made to generate accounting entries from one or more invoices.

Shellbots can therefore offer the rental of specialized services or the sale of dedicated virtual services such as a virtual developer. You can also get on your servers a dedicated shellbots engine for your needs. The engine runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows.

I’m going to spend a few evenings to prepare some interesting demos for you, well I hope 🙂 because a picture is worth a thousand words 🙂

Do not hesitate to contact me at ddelaire@shellbots.ai if you have any questions or if you want to invest in the startup 🙂



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